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Software development

We are a software development company, specialized in the micro sector finance and software development tailored for public, academic and private. Since 2002 we are dedicated to the development of information technologies, electronic security and research for scientific development. We have the certification of the Model MoProSoft Level 2 by NYCE and we are the Only Software Development Company in Chiapas looking for CMMI Level certification two.

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conserva microfinanciera gestion programaCrediplata

Solutions and Services

Our main product
Software microfinancieras SOFOM credito gestion programa

Software for portfolio management for microfinance companies, with integrated and automatic accounting.

Our Process

Work methodology - HBPM

Thanks to the software development experience HighBits de Latinoamérica SA de CV has created its own methodology for the administration and development of Software projects resulting in the following stages:
Metodología HBPM credito simple


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